ART.DOT Ltd. is based on a brand new idea. HARMONY and COMPLEXITY in the interior!
A space should be a carefully designed, built, and synchronised system with philosophy and functionality in the background.

We started thinking about what this whole thing was about. We are talking about a space which is not our home but is still comfortable, whether one wants to relax or work there.
Our young and dynamic designer team forms the space with sophisticated taste to fulfi ll all the demands of the client. We pick the furniture and accessories from our repertoire during the design phase from the fi rst step to the last, always according to the given budget, so that even the smallest details are synchronised to create the essential unity and harmony. Our repertoire covers everything from the tiles and coverings to IT systems and employee uniforms.
We offer catalogues of foreign companies help to get an overview of the international market, making it easier and more comfortable for our clients to choose.

Our design and consulting services are based on the expectations of our clients. We consider their demands and cooperate with them while working within the current codes and statutes and meeting all operational requirements.
We guarantee our clients the best bids on the market!

Our greatest strength is that we compile project specific product packages. This saves our partners a lot of time and money.